Atom Tree/Carl Barat and the Jackals/Glasvegas

Magners are hosting several gigs over the Summer between Kelvingrove Bandstand in Glasgow and Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh with a mixture of artists including James, Echo and the Bunnymen, Flaming Lips, The Waterboys, Electric Honey Sessions, Roddy Frame, King Creosote, Joan Armatrading, Ben Folds and tonight’s lineup of Atom Tree, Carl Barat & The Jackals and Glasvegas.

Atom Tree kicked things off for the evening.  I had previously been impressed when I heard them play a few weeks ago when they supported White in Stereo so was happy to hear them again in the unique and pleasant outdoor setting of the Kelvingrove Bandstand situated beside the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

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Next up was Carl Barat & The Jackals.  Being a massive fan of Carl’s work in The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things and his solo material, I had yet to catch his latest band live although I’d listened to the album quite a lot since it was released earlier this year.  A mixture of songs from the album were played alongside Dirty Pretty Things favourites such as Bang Bang You’re Dead, Deadwood and Gin & Milk.  However, no songs from The Libertines were included.  Although, I’m sure The Libertines will be playing a few shows in the not so distant future with their eagerly anticipated third album to be released on 4 September.

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Glasvegas completed an excellent night of music.  Coming on stage to loud cheers from a very up-for-it crowd with lights on the stage spelling out Glasvegas behind them and smoke machines spewing out into the Glasgow air. Songs from their self titled album seemed to get the biggest reactions from the crowd particularly Geraldine, Go Square Go, Daddy’s Gone, Flowers and Football Tops but the final song of the evening, Lots Sometimes, was my favourite with it’s increasing energy as the song progresses.

wpid-received_879619972073972_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620178740618_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620585407244_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620588740577_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620602073909_wm.jpg  wpid-received_879620605407242_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620598740576_wm.jpg wpid-received_879620615407241_wm.jpg


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