Kieran Hughes/Bella and the Bear/Loki

Tonight’s gig is set in the Gallery of the Tolbooth which is a dimly lit room but has the warmth and intimacy as if the gig was held in your living room.

Kieran Hughes starts us off with a gentle sounding acoustic set, using the opportunity between songs to engage in some jovial banter and even gives us all a little history lesson from a pamphlet he has placed on his notes stand, of the last hanging which took place in front of the Tolbooth building we’re in tonight.

Kieran Hughes

Kieran Hughes 2

Bella and the Bear are the next act of the evening. The duo of Stuart Ramage and Lauren Gilmour have an excellent chemistry and blend harmonies with their unique and powerful voices.  Lauren at times rapping with a strong Scottish accent providing vivid imagery through her thought provoking lyricism. Songs such as Leave It Out, Little Boat and The Beach have the quiet and attentive audience hooked on the band’s every word, support for the duo growing as the clapping and cheers get louder after each song.

Bella and the Bear

Bella and the Bear 2

Bella and the Bear 3

Bella and the Bear 4

Bella and the Bear 5

Congratulations are due for Loki as he mentions that his partner has just given birth to a wee boy in the last couple of days.  Loki treats us to a mixture of older and newer material.  The room yet again with a respectful silence as Loki raps with an intense flow of his social observations of Scotland.

Loki 3

Loki 2


Each musician tonight was completely different, however, as Lauren from Bella and the Bear pointed out, they are all tied together through an appreciation of words.  An appreciation also shared with the audience judging by the positive reaction each act was given after their performances.


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